Is 4GB RAM Enough For Laptop?

Is 4GB RAM Enough For Laptop?

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It depends on the jobs that you perform on the daily basis on your laptop.

An essential component of a laptop is RAM which is Random Access Memory.

Greater RAM is always better for the laptop to function efficiently and there is no disadvantage to adding more RAM contrasting to other components.

4GB RAM is the minimum amount of RAM found on a desktop or laptop in the current period of computing.

As it all depends on the demands of the consumer, so the amount is not too good or bad to be defined.

Yet, for writing documents and playing low quality video games, a 4GB RAM laptop is preferably suitable.


Assume you are the owner of an adored system with 4GB RAM.

By this laptop, you will be able to do daily jobs such as writing documents, drawing, painting, and streaming videos.

Unluckily from time to time, you will experience pauses.

You will be able to complete your tasks or play low quality single player games, if you are persistent enough.

In the current generation of Windows 10 and 11, you will have difficulties with the Windows software.

It is because of the fact that any computer with only 4GB RAM will crash and slow down rapidly.

Only 2 GB or less is available for the users to do tasks since windows takes up half of the total RAM memory.

You will also have trouble using a core i5 processor with such low RAM memory and it is important to mention.

Instead, core i3 system will run just well with 4GB RAM.

A 4GB RAM laptop is the last spot for running a laptop without crashes in a world with 32GB RAM laptops.

Performance Of 4GB RAM In Various Grounds

According to Quora, A particular type of memory that can perform fewer on its own is 4GB RAM, however, when you attach more of them to a computer, they become greater.

In order to provide solution to the question of only a single 4GB RAM stick being sufficient for a PC, it only depends on your demands.

Therefore, you can select by learning about its performance in several grounds, if it is enough for you or not.

4GB RAM For Streaming

With a 4GB RAM laptop, streaming videos on YouTube or Netflix would not be any difficulty.

However from your PC, you can get up to 1080p video quality.

As of streaming in HD, there is a reasonable chance for your computer to lag now and then.

So, it is best to reduce the streaming quality to 720p or lower in such circumstances.

4GB RAM For Gaming

For off-the-cuff gamers only, 4GB RAM is the best memory size.

By using your laptop, you can play single-player and offline games easily.

In the current era, most games you can play will be before 2010, and most of them will be low quality video games.

You can acquire a better gaming experience by adding a GPU as well.

4GB RAM For Multitasking

For multitasking, a computer with a memory of only 4GB is not the best selection.

Once in a while, you will experience crashes and short-tempered lags.

Since of the extra heat that decreases CPU output, the situation deteriorates if you have a 4GB RAM laptop.

On the other hand, you can multitask utilizing a 4GB RAM system.

4GB RAM For Meetings

If you do not open too many programs while video chatting, then the 4GB RAM laptops or desktops are best for meetings.

You can connect to other devices and provide excellent video quality.

If there are enormous members in the meeting, then you can also experience lag as well.

GB RAM For Writing Documents

For writing documents, attaching photos, and providing suggestions while writing, a 4GB RAM laptop is the best choice.

It results in fast and smooth task accomplishment as writing papers or calculating figures take up very few memory amounts.

As you can see all images and videos in HD quality, therefore it is also great for social media.

4GB RAM For Live Streaming

Presently, live streaming has gone viral and best streamers are normally gamers.

If you try to live stream while playing games, then a 4GB RAM laptop will often lag.

You can provide with the best video quality which is 240p to 480p.

On the other hand, if you are not playing games or doing anything other on your system, then you can live stream efficiently.

4GB RAM Limitations

In order to perform all kinds of tasks, the present least memory required is 8GB.

A 4GB RAM laptop cannot perform some tasks as of limited memory space.

So, most people upgrade to 8GB or 16GB due to this reason.

Photoshop And Video Editing

For photo and video editing, the least requirement is a laptop with Intel Core i5.

However in only 4GB of memory space, a Core i5 processor cannot use its full potential.

While you are trying to edit different videos and images, this leads to crashing.

If you attempt to push your system, then additional difficulties such as CPU overheating can occur.

Graphics Designing

Extremely complicated task that needs a smooth computer is graphics designing.

In order to run complex software used for graphics designing, a 4GB RAM laptop is just not satisfactory.

Once more, certain designing software is online and needs a stable internet connection to work.

Anyhow, 4GB RAM cannot handle these complicated tasks.

Playing AAA Games

It just cannot run current generation games even if you insert a top-notch GPU into your 4GB RAM laptop.

8GB RAM is the minimum requirement for such games which surpasses your CPU memory quickly.

Therefore, with a 4GB RAM system, you have to stick to playing the old low-quality games.

How Much Ram Does A Laptop Need?

4GB of laptop RAM should be enough for anyone looking for the simple computing basics.

However, you should have at minimum 8GB of laptop RAM.

If you want your computer to be able perfectly to achieve more demanding tasks at the same time such as gaming graphic design and programming.

Is Upgrading Laptop RAM Worth It?

If your computing needs upsurge, then upgrading your RAM can be your best gamble.

Since the most modern laptops have at least 8GB RAM, it is enough for light web browsing and many office activities.

When you choose to take your device up for heavier tasks like graphic design and gaming, you can upgrade your RAM module to something greater.

By higher RAM size, the faster computing and better visuals are guaranteed.

Can I Use 4GB And 8GB RAM Together?

It is not the fact as you might think that you cannot use different size RAM sticks together.

Sure, in order to use 4GB and 8GB RAM together, you have the opportunity.

Suppose you have an 8GB RAM in one slot, and afterward you bought a 16GB RAM and put that in another slot.

It will run as two 8 RAM sticks running alongside in ideal performance when the dual-channel mode is on.

As a single channel stick, the remaining 8GB RAM will work.

It is better and faster than having just one 8GB stick because this is not as good as working in dual channel mode.


You will be able to know that 4GB RAM is enough for some circumstances after reading this article.

From different people, you can get different experience metaphors.

Your opinion and the kind of experience you would like to get from your computer actually matter.

Despite the fact, a 4GB RAM laptop cannot do various tasks smoothly and slows down normally.

For a computer to achieve the tasks of the current period, a 4GB RAM is not enough.

As the demands change, so the choice of if 4GB RAM is enough for laptops differs from person to person.

However, a 4GB RAM laptop will be a slow but low-cost system that can complete daily tasks with a few pauses and crashes.

I hope that this article has provided you with all the information you wanted.

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