Is 256GB SSD Enough For A Laptop?

Is 256GB SSD Enough For A Laptop?

Is 256GB SSD enough for a laptop?

In this post, I will answer that question and debate why you should choose an SSD over a traditional hard drive.

Whether a 256GB SSD is better than a 1TB hard drive.

Perhaps, you are considering changing your current laptop hard drive for an SSD and want to know what size is finest.

You may want to know if a 256GB SSD will be sufficient for your needs and looking to buy a new laptop.

Indeed, for most laptops a storage size of 256GB SSD is sufficient.

For 99% of computer users, a 256GB SSD is fast enough and has sufficient storage size.

On many aspects, the overall performance of a laptop depends.

Storage drive is one such factor of the laptop.

Between switching system on to off, any work done on the laptop makes utilize of data that gets loaded from the SSD drive.

Therefore, if the size of the SSD is more then it involves less loading time as well.

Pros And Cons Of 256GB SSD

Pros Cons
It provides and loads applications, games, and movies rapidly. It has a limited lifespan.
As it is lighter so it can easily endure droppage and any program. As compared to traditional HDD or Hard Disk Drives, these are more costly.
You can store a lot of files and data without any difficulty. When it fails to work, no warning signal is noticeable.
Since the SSD use less energy so the laptops stay cooler after many hours of utilization. As it is a comparatively new technology so various people may not be conscious of it.

For What Purposes 256GB SSD Is Suitable And Not-Suitable

Suitable For Not Suitable For
Suitable for multitasking on the laptop. Not suitable for design engineers.
Suitable for storing of large files by students. Not suitable for dedicated gamers.
Suitable for entrepreneurs and teachers for taking smooth online classes. Not suitable for video editing experts.

Why Choose An SSD Over A Hard Drive?

Until most laptops used hard disk drive HDD for internal storage, but it has been about for many years.

As compared to SSDs (solid state drives), HDDs are less costly, and they are available in larger sizes.

SSD has no moving parts and it is one of the major advantages as well.

On the other hand, the HDDs have plates that spin and a moving support used for data storage and recovery.

As HDDs have moving parts, so they are far more possible to fail than SSDs in general.

Apart from price and storage size, an SSD will typically overtake an HDD in most areas.

Due to more and more components being sold, the SSDs are coming down in cost.

However, you will still have to pay quite a bit more for them.

At a low price, you can get HDDs with very large sizes nowadays.

You can get SSDs with more than 1TB of storage, however these are very costly.

As far as speed is concerned, the SSDs are about 100 times faster than HDDs.

Your operating system and your applications will run faster when you have an SSD on your laptop.

You can preserve battery life when you have an SSD, as traditional HDDs need more power to run.

An HDD will make a sound due to the spinning plates and read/write heads while an SSD is quiet in working.

In different sizes normally 2.5 inches, 1.8 inches, and 1 inch, you can get an SSD.

It means that there will be more space on your laptop.

However, an HDD has various moving parts and makes quite a lot of heat while SSDs almost not generate any heat as there are no moving parts.

How Long Will A 256GB SSD Last?

256 GB SSD will last about five to six years normally.

It can also last for up to 10 years if it is stored and used properly.

However, some people also say it lasts greater than your laptop.

The drive shelf life will be reduced radically if a worker continually writes on the drive.

When SSD reads data, its life does not decline in addition.

On the writing and deleting process involved in the SSD, it totally depends.

The SSD should be detached from the laptop correctly using the disconnect option from the taskbar if it is external.

However, there are probabilities you may lose your data in the case it is not done.

SSD is simply a memory chip if it is inside the laptop.

You will not face any issues as there are no moving parts in SSD.

Is 8GB RAM And 256GB SSD Enough?

How much you use the SSD and on the quantity of work you are involved in, it depends.

A laptop with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD is adequate for storing a good quantity of data and all the programs.

For most laptops nowadays, the 8GB RAM is the appetizer pack.

Suitable For Not Suitable For
Suitable for basic use such as surfing the internet, emailing, assignments. Not suitable for modern games because they lag a lot.
Suitable for minor scale gaming such as PUBG, Battlefield V. Not suitable for graphic designing and multitasking activities on the laptop.

 Is 16GB RAM And 256GB SSD Enough?

Most favored arrangement for a laptop is a 16GB RAM combined with 256GB.

Whether they are basic or intensive, it is capable of doing almost all tasks.

RAM is typically difficult to upgrade and it is a famous fact.

However, the cost of doing so is fairly great even though it is possible.

It is best to spend in a 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD as your needs may increase at certain point in time.

Among the working capacity and the extent consumed on it, this gives you a sweet spot.

Suitable For Not Suitable For
Suitable for gamers if you are involved in it almost whole day. Not suitable for gamers since nearly 90% of the games works well in 16GB RAM. Though, you might want to play the other 10%, which may not work correctly after some time.
Suitable for businessmen and other experts. Not suitable for photo and video editing since these files are memory demanding and editors want to do their creative work without any disruption.

Is 256GB SSD Enough For Windows 10?

It only depends on your purpose of a laptop plus the software installed in your Windows 10.

In Windows 10, all your basic requirements can be easily satisfied by 256 GB.

Conversely, certain demanding work will not be correctly done with this.

For regular everyday uses such as documentation, internet usage, and homework, it is appropriate.

If you are involved in programming, heavy gaming, and using the laptop for many tasks at a time, then it is not appropriate as well.

Is 256GB SSD Enough For Gaming?

On this planet, games and gamers of different kinds exist.

On the quantity of space need to store your game, 256GB storage depends.

It is enough for you if 256GB SSD satisfies this space requirement.

On the other hand, you feel the laptop is decelerating down with regular game updates, and then you perhaps need to make a change.

With less to moderate burden, it is appropriate for games.

However, without crashing with 256 GB SSD, many small games can be easily installed and played such as games like GTA V and War Thunder can be easily played.

For the best performance of certain games, it is not appropriate as well.

They may crash and stop unpredictably at any time although such games work well for some time.

Games like Witcher 3 and FIFA 19 load faster with more SSD space.

Is 256GB SSD Enough For Programming?

With a 256GB SSD, you could acquire an enough and satisfactory amount of work done.

For a programmer, speed plays an important role.

At every point, high speed is required whether it is booting the OS or compiling code or loading projects and lastly launching apps.

However, it is appropriate for most coding work.

256GB SSD can guarantee you better performance and faster loading time if 90% of your work needs coding.

If your programming data rises after some time, then it is not appropriate.

Time to load become slower and the speed of the laptop will also slow down.

Moreover, this will interfere with your job.

Is 256GB SSD Enough For Video Editing?

You know that the video editing is done on applications such as Adobe.

In order to do perfect editing, these require a lot of space plus the graphic quality should be on the highest spot.

256GB SSD is sufficient or not depends on the quantity of work you will be doing on it.

If you are involved with moderate editing, then a 256GB is sufficient and appropriate.

You would certainly go for a 256GB SSD if your needs would not exceed in the future.

For professional photo and video editors, it is not appropriate as well.

It will start giving difficulties earlier or later although you may be relaxed with it at start.

Is 256GB SSD Enough For Music Production?

For music production, an SSD of 256GB is more than enough.

You need to know the amount of musical work you would be done at this stage.

In an SSD of 256GB, the adequate size of music production software can be installed and operated.

If you are in a situation to remove and clean the SSD at regular periods, then it is appropriate.

The old and unused ones should be removed for storing new data.

If the operating software for your music production has a bigger size, then it is not appropriate.

For this purpose, more storage is needed to save your future tasks and formations.

Does More SSD Mean Faster?

A larger size SSD will be faster than a smaller size SSD as a general rule.

An SSD will slow down the more storage capacity that you utilize as we stated in above sections.

Since some larger SSDs have slower speeds for writing than smaller SSDs, so this is not a firm and fast rule.

Before making a choice, you need to compare the specifications.

Does SSD Size Affect Performance?

Performance will slow it down as you fill up your SSD with files.

As compared to a smaller capacity SSD, it will take a lot lengthier time to fill it up with a larger size SSD.

Bigger size SSD will take a long time to fill up, so it should provide best performance for a more extended period of time.

However, the size of an SSD does not affect the performance just by itself.


If you use a 256GB SSD rather than an HDD, then your laptop will be a lot faster.

You will perhaps find that 256GB is sufficient storage space in the case you are a common user.

On the other hand, you may either go for a larger SSD or utilize an external storage such as an external HDD or cloud storage for your files if you know that you will need more storage space.

After reading this post, I hope that you will make a better decision for you whether 256GB SSD is enough for your laptop or not.

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