4 Cell VS 3 Cell Laptop Battery

4 Cell VS 3 Cell Laptop Battery | What’s the Difference?

You may wonder that is there any difference between the laptop batteries or not.

In the case of 4 cell VS 3 cell laptop battery, which one would achieve victory?

While we are buying a new laptop, these are the queries that we have in mind.

In what way could we get into a tight spot? I have figured out how to coincidentally find a model that comes in two variations.

However, one had a 3 cell battery while the other had a 4 cell battery.

This dissimilarity muddled you although the other components were pretty much similar.

So, I went deep into the topic for that reason.

In order to collect more knowledge concerning them, I tested both the batteries with a laptop.

The differences that I found astonished me, and I believe they will also astound you to be honest.

Therefore, you need to read the post completely.

What Is Battery Cell In Laptop?

A battery cell is essentially a separate cylinder-shaped section as the name proposes.

However, the section comprises two electrodes.

Anode is one of them while the other one is the cathode.

Polarity of anode is negative, while the cathode has a positive polarity as well.

A voltage difference is created by these negative and positive electrodes.

As you know there is a flow of electrons when there is a voltage difference.

Also, there will be a flow of current when there is a flow of electrons in addition.

This flow of current delivers power to the laptops.

However, electrons will move from the cathode to the anode.

In terms of the current, the case is dissimilar as it flows from the positive terminal to the negative terminal.

On the other hand, a substance that reacts with the anode and cathode to make the electrons flow is an electrolyte.

Difference Between 4 Cell And 3 Cell Laptop Battery

One cell contains three cells while the other has four and this is the obvious difference between these batteries.

Nonetheless, it is not the only dissimilarity that present between these two cells.

Though, the number of cells does not have that much of an influence on the batteries.

When there is a resemblance in the cells is the only factor that will create a difference as well.

When The Two Cells Are Similar?

The four cells batteries will be superior to the three cells one if the cells are similar.

As they have higher milliamp hours, so those will provide extensive run time.

When The Cells Are Not Similar?

When the cells are different, the situation is not the similar.

As an instance, if the cells of the three packs have large capacity cells, then a three cell battery will be better than a four cell pack.

Other than that, the capacity of the cells is generally stated as milliwatts.

However, 1000 mph means 1000 milliamp hours.

You just need to multiply that number with the voltage to get milliwatt hours.

As compared to a battery with relatively lower milliwatt hours, a cell with higher milliwatt hours will last longer.

Three Cell Laptop Battery

The three cell battery pack of a laptop will contain three cells just like the name proposes.

Generally, each of the cells will have about a 1.5 volts rating and that is equal to 4.5 volts altogether.

However, it will stay the same as the cells are usually connected in series while it comes to overall milliamp hour.

The total voltage will remain the same when the batteries are in parallel.

However, the milliamp hours will increase in this case.

How Long Does A 3 Cell Laptop Battery Last?

On a couple of factors, the thing is the run time of the battery depends.

In this instance, the processor plays an important role.

Though, even higher milliamp-hour cells will not make the laptop run that long if the process is not powered proficiently.

It will also depend on the load you are putting on the laptop as well.

The system will consume a higher amount of sap from the cells when running supply demanding jobs.

A higher milliamp hour cells pack will not be capable of running the system for that amount of time in that situation.

Three Cell Laptop Battery Size

It will differ from one laptop battery to another when it comes to the size.

The total capacity or size of the battery will be around 6000 milliamp hours for notebooks in general.

Nonetheless, laptops intended for severe tasks such as gaming can have 8000 milliamp hours or above.

On the other hand, the laptops that are light and small will have a lower battery capacity.

Also, they can even have a total of 2000 milliamp hours.

On the processor and the tasks you will be running on the laptops, the run time will depend. 

Charging Time

It is somewhat that depends on two factors.

Charging rate and the overall capacity of the battery are the two factors.

As an instance, let us take 5000 milliamp hours battery to effectively explain these two factors.

5000 milliamp hours means 5Ah and in other words it means five-ampere hours.

Thus, it will take around three to four hours in the case you charge that cell up with a 2A charger that operates at 5 volts.

At this moment, it can take about 5 hours if the battery volume is 8000 in addition.

Once more, if you choose for a better charger, for example a 10 volts 2 Amp charger, the charging time can be lesser to nearly half.

On the other hand, it will still depend on the charging circuit inside the laptop and how fine it handles the charging period.


Manufacturing cost is an additional thing that is not that simple to explain.

Generally, laptop manufacturers will depend on on the cells that are from other builders.

The cost per cell drops meaningfully when the cells are sourced in bulk.

For instance, it can cost about 10$ each if you buy an LG HG2 18650 cell separately.

However, it can lower down to about 6$ per cell when you make a deal with LG about the cells and buy them in bulk.

The cost will vary from one to another as not all laptop manufacturers will deal with the same manufacturer.

However, the three cell laptop batteries can cost somewhere between $50 and $150.

On the composition of the battery, size, and covering, the price will depend.

The cost will be greater if these factors are better.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
In terms of footprint, it is typically compact If the cells are not high inability, it can offer lower run time
Less heat as less amount of cells are present For most of the three cell batteries, the ampere hour rating is typically small
It can take lesser time to charge
It is usually well-suited with most laptops
It will cost comparatively fewer

Four Cell Laptop Battery

4 cell laptop batter will have four separate cylinder-shaped sections very much like the three cell packs.

Each of the laptop battery cells usually has a 1.5 volts rating as we stated previously.

It will be about 6 volts when we compute the total voltage of the battery pack.

In contrast, every cell has 4.2 volts and the overall voltage rating will be 4.2 in the case the cells are joined in parallel.

However, the total size of the batteries will rise as well.

How Long Does A 4 Cell Laptop Battery Last?

On the entire system and the constituents, the run time of the batteries will extremely hang on.

The load on the batteries will be relatively low as soon as each of the parts is power effective.

However, the run time will be high when the load is low.

On the other hand, you also need to consider that the four cell packs will generally have a greater voltage output or higher overall volume.

Then, those two can rise the total run time.

Furthermore, the battery will last longer than the three cell packs if the milliamp hour of the cells is relatively high.

All things considered, the four cell batteries will usually last somewhere between 5 hours to 8 hours.

Then again, this run time will greatly depend on the proficiency of the components which I have stated previous as well.

Similarly, this run time can considerably influence while we talk about the 4 cells VS the 3 cell laptop battery.

Four Cell Laptop Battery Size

Identical thing that was applicable for the three cell laptop batteries is appropriate for this in addition.

That means if the size of the cells is large, the overall capacity will be high too.

From one manufacturer to another, this volume will differ.

However, it will also differ from one system to another.

On the other hand, from the 3000 mAh spot, the four cell batteries for laptops will usually begin. They can go up to 9000 mAh as well.

The laptops for demanding jobs will have a greater overall capacity while the light and compact notebooks will have a lower capacity.

Charging Time

Charging time of 4 cell batteries will also depend on the overall capacity of charger and power just like the 3 cell batteries.

The battery will take lengthier to charge if the entire capacity of battery is large and the charger power is relatively small.

Once more, the charging time will be practically low when the capacity is relatively high, and the charger provides pretty high power.

To end with, the charging time will be especially low if the total capacity of battery is comparatively low and the charger delivers high power as well.

However, for most laptops, the charging time for the four cell batteries is usually around 3 to 4 hours.


It depends on the class and the composition of the cells as far as cost is discussed.

Four cell batteries having li-ion composition have the high quality that can start from $60.

Nevertheless, they can also charge up to $200 when you buy these batteries from a renowned source and have a higher capacity.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
They have generally high overall capacity Hardware design of the 4 cell batteries will be relatively large
Voltage rating of the 4 cell batteries are relatively high It might be a little heavy
It offers a higher Ah rating in general
It can capable of running challenging mechanisms
It can also deliver a longer run time

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

How Many Cell Batteries Are Good For Laptops?

It will greatly depend on the entire power of the laptop. If it claims power-hungry components, such as a powerful CPU and a well-capable GPU, then the 4 cell batteries will be a good choice.

As they will add needless weight, so a 4 cell battery will not make that much logic on laptops that are less power-hungry and less proficient.

On the other hand, if the weight does not worry you and if the laptop is compatible with a 4 cell battery, then you have to go for it. Also, it will typically improve the run time.

Which Is Better 3 Cell Or 4 Cell Battery?

Before saying which one is really better, there are some factors that you need to ponder. However, the 3 cell batteries will have a dense and small shape.

Also, they will even have a lesser overall weight. Though, most will not have a greater voltage rating or volume. The 4 cell batteries will weigh a little high and will also have a relatively larger shape in contrast.

Nonetheless, they will normally have greater voltage capacity or size.

What Increases The Capacity Of The Four-Cell Batteries?

Capacity of the entire pack rises when the cells are joined in parallel. On the other hand, the voltage will not be sufficient in that case.

As an instance, the entire volts remain the same which is 4.8 volts when we attach two 4.8 volts 4000 mAh cells in parallel. However, the total size rises to 8000 mAh.

Can I Install A 4 Cell Battery On A Laptop That Came With A 3 Cell Battery?

Absolutely, you can install it if the battery case is capable of accepting a 4 cell battery. But, as 4 cell batteries are typically heftier than 3 cell batteries, you need to make sure that you are upgrading in terms of milliwatt hours.

What Does Li-Ion Stand For?

It stands for lithium-ion. However, it explains the composition of the cells. There are also lipo, alkaline, and other compositions accessible for the batteries just like li-ion.


Things are not much simple for the query of 4 cells VS 3 cells laptop battery as you can understand.

Though, you need to consider the milliwatt hours, voltage rating, hardware design, and weight of the batteries.

Therefore, I cannot actually select a clear victor in this circumstance.

As it will totally depend on you, so you need to make sure you consider your requirements and preferences.

It also depends on how frequently you use your laptop, so the battery lifespan of either a 4 cell or a 3 cell will differ.

However, the shorter battery duration will be, the more often you utilize your system.

You should also consider the brand of the battery.

You need to select a brand you are aware with instead of taking uncertain options that may not be as good in terms of durability and lifetime since the quality of the laptop batteries can differ greatly between brands and builders.

Similarly, before making your buying, you also have to look for reviews online about these products.

Along these lines, you will be sure if you are receiving your money worth or not.

I hope that this post will provide you with essential guidelines regarding the selection between 4 cell VS 3 cell laptop batteries.

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